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The Linton Group

Your network system.

More than just a series of connections...

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It consists of the applications, database systems, security solutions and network infrastructure that together act as vital strategic assets for companies such as yours in today's challenging business & economic environment. It's no simple matter to build, manage & secure a unified internetwork that integrates the wide variety of computing platforms and applications seen today. Once designed and implemented, your network must be easily managed, with the capability to evolve as your information needs change.

The Linton Group is dedicated to addressing the growing networking needs of the small to mid-sized operation. We offer an array of services that span the LAN and WAN spectrum, from network design & implementation to diagnosis & debugging, UNIX system administration, and the final piece of the puzzle, network monitoring.

The Linton Group * 120 Village Square #111 * Orinda * CA * 94563

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